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Can You Plug a Preamp Into an Integrated Amp?

A preamplifier is an electronic amplifier which receives and adapts a signal before transmitting it to the main amplifier.
You should be aware that preamplifiers are divided into:

  • Instrumental;
  • Microphone;
  • Universal.

The first and second makes it possible to directly connect the guitar. The last work with microphones. Still, others have a mode switch and allow you to switch from instrumental to the mic and vice versa.

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There are also two groups of preamplifiers — tube and transistor. Tube tubes add softness to the sound with a special distortion tone. Transistor — sharpness, and squeakiness.

Weak signals are particularly sensitive to noise. A low quality preamplifier will therefore cause a significant drop in signal-to-noise ratio, in other words a drop in signal quality.

In general, the role of a preamplifier is to increase a low-level signal.

And in theory any integrated amplifier can cope with such a task, but, for example, a microphone and a preamplifier are an inseparable tandem, and even the best integrated amplifiers under $ 500 will not be able to fully cope with the tasks of a preamplifier in terms of correcting the frequency response curve and tone.

The main function of a preamp

The main task of the device is to amplify the signal to a level that is more acceptable for amplification by power amplifiers – final amplifiers. The preamplifier selects the same signal level from different sources, that is, a signal from any source is connected through the amplifier. By amplifying the signal, the preamplifier changes the sound timbre. With the help of reproducing equipment, linearity is achieved with minimal distortion.

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For example, in order to get a clean guitar sound, you cannot do without this property of the device when forming the correct sound of an electric guitar. After all, it is known that the electric guitar has its own special sound. Therefore, additional timbre colors give the original guitar sound a recognizable guitar sound.

Connection of a preamplifier

The connection of a preamplifier to the device to use it as a power amplifier is simple. The preamplifier has an Audio Out section with the two RCA sockets with R and L marks. You should connect it with your RCA cable. The next step is finding the Power Amp Direct In section at the back of your integrated amp.

Finally, connect the corresponding sockets (R to R, L to L). After your integrated amplifier is connected to a preamplifier and the device is used as a power amplifier, you need to turn on the “Power Amp Direct” mode.