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Can Steam Shower Damage Your Speakers?

Most of the people love to hear music under the shower. It gives a kind of relaxation to your mind and body. But the hidden fact is that the steam of the shower can easily damage your speakers. Especially the steam causes corrosion in the delicate inner wiring system. This causes the speaker system not to properly work until it fully repairs. The best and easy way to get rid of this is to buy a waterproof speaker system in your shower room for you to enjoy music without any Hardships.

Reason for Low Sound Quality

If the woofers of your speaker are made of paper, then you need not use them in your shower room. This is applicable more in the old speakers than the new ones. You should know whether your speakers have proper woofers. If the woofers of your speaker system have paper in it, better not to use them in your shower room. This is the reason for the low sound quality since the woofer will be distorted and get wet by damaging speakers with shower steam.

Use zip Lock bag

One of the greatest ways to prevent the damage of your speakers is to place your speakers in a zip lock bag before you take shower. Place electronic items in zip lock bags can avoid damage of electronic items and prevent corrosion. This will help you to avoid damage to your speaker system and so that it will give longer life with proper features. This is because the stem will be hotter than the normal temperature of the water that causes damage ruining speakers with shower steam. This heats the components of your speakers that result in causing damage.

Water Proof Speakers

Always remember steam is invisible. It gets into the wires and speaker components that are not safe for your speakers and electrical circuits. Although there are many cons of using speakers in the shower, speakers specially designed with a waterproof coating is best for usage. This can bear the humidity levels of your bathrooms. There are many advantages like,

  • It could bear the fall of water
  • Will not get damaged easily
  • Waterproof feature acts as a corrosion-resistant
  • They can be available in different designs

Wrapping up

Waterproof speakers are best for people who wish to listen to music while taking a shower. Get access to the wide collection and choose the best one for you. With a Bluetooth facility in the bathroom, you can enjoy music at your ease.