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How can you make Music With Water?

Almost everyone in the world loves music. There is a variety of musical instruments that produce different music like rap, pop, hip hop, jazz, rock etc. Frequently people hear music to get delighted often. Most of the people feel the music all the time. Some people have gone a step forward by having water to make music with the help of glass.

Most of the kids utilize the objects around them to utilize music and play with it happily. Every object has its sound. Likewise, water has its sound. For making music with water, you can turn out glasses of water as a musical instrument. This will give you unique music that was honestly so simple but needs a lot of training.

Materials needed to Create Music

Like any other musical instrument, glass water music does not need so much of properties. The main properties that you need for glass water music is,

  • Water
  • Drinking glass
  • Glass bottles
  • Wooden Sticks

How does it make Music?

As discussed earlier, creating music using water is a very simple task. But only when you practice often you can become a pro. There are several instructions you need to follow when you make music out of water for the first time.

  • create musicAs a first step, line up and arrange the glasses next to each other in the same order.
  • See to that you fill up a different amount of water in all the glasses after arranging them
  • Water should be poured at different levels. Like ascending order, the first glass should contain little water. The second glass contains little more water than the first one.
  • Gradually the water level should be increased in the upcoming water glasses
  • Finally, the last glass should contain more amount of water
  • Hit the glass of water with a wooden or steel stick and observe the sound that has been produced.
  • Start hitting all the glasses one by one and find the sound differences
  • After hitting all the glasses and getting familiar with the sounds, you can easily produce music on your own that will be pleasing to your heart.

Wrapping Up

When you hit the glass, the sound wave which travels through water is called resonance and this produces music. The more vibration causes deeper sound. Experiment it several times to make glass water music like a pro.