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Modifying Voice

How Can You Change Your Voice Sounding a Different Person?

Have you ever tried your voice to sound like somebody else? It is possible to change your voice through audio data. Some may use it for comic purpose. But if you want to protect your identity during a tough situation, there are various services of different softwares through which you can change the audio signal frequency. This makes your voice sound completely different.

Modifying your Voice

Technically there is much software that changes the audio pattern that gives ways to sound like someone else. You can modify your voice with the help of the stretching of your throat to some extent. Relaxing your throat will also give some different voice modulation. Vocal cord pressures can be changed that can add up the high frequency to your voice.

Shift in Pitch

Every person has a different pitch while speaking. The pitch of the voice varies according to the speech modulation and how they speak. Every individual has a similar vocal tone that has a unique pitch. Some people usually speak in low pitch. Some speak in a high pitch that makes them sound noisy.

modifying your Voice

By noticing the pitch of a particular person, you are able to speak like another person. Though the words are the same how it is spoken has pitch variation. By identifying and speaking an individual’s pitch, you can sound like someone else.

Voice Changing Software

Voice modification is a complex process. Changing the person’s voice is quite difficult since each voice has its biological origin. There is much software that can skip your voice changing training. Getting software allows you to change your voice during a call to someone. This conceals your identity and the opponent who hears your voice will not find your true identity. Some of the software comes with an inbuilt voice library. You can use different options from them. Some of the modulations you can do are,

  • Male voice
  • Female voice
  • Robotic voice
  • Alien voice

Different Features

In some of the software, you can not only change your vocal sound but also can make live audio or video calls. You can avail the option of editing pre-recording from which you can re-record the audio and video files. You can also switch these options while the call is on.

Wrapping up

If you just want to know how your voice will sound like, you can try the above-mentioned strategies if you want to prank someone or pretend as someone else. There are many programs that you can use it.