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Modifying Voice

How Do You Change the Voice in Playbooks?

Reading books is not so easy. Especially when you sit for long hours to understand the meaning of entire books cannot be done with a single sitting. But hearing the reading from audiobooks is an interesting thing in today’s world. You can understand things easily by simultaneously doing other works. To make it even more interesting, you can change the voice of reading in audiobooks. The device will change the voice for you whenever you wish to switch to different voices.

Default voice will usually be high quality. If you are not satisfied with the default voice, you can change it with your choice. To modify the default voice, you can change in the inbuilt android text to speech.

Change the Language

Here are the steps to change the language in your system. You can change your language in the android text to speech engine easily.

  • As a first step, go to system setting
  • In a system setting, you have a personal section. There tap on the language and input option
  • Keep scrolling to the bottom line and click on the text to speech output option.
  • Tap on from the language option

voice of reading in audiobooks

Changing the Gender

Not all languages have a different gender option. For instance, American English can be heard only in a female voice. There are many ways to change the voice in playbooks. If you wish to hear with the voice that you wish, you can check out with AA Podcast. To change the gender of the voice while hearing from the audiobooks, go back to the same setting and select the gear icon. There you can click and install the voice data.

Change the Voice Speed

The pitch of the voice is called speed rate. If you change the speed rate of the voice, you can read the audiobooks very fast. There will not be any change in the sound factors. You can experience different intonation through this option. To change the voice speed,

  • Go to the system setting
  • Click to the speech rate to change the voice speed
  • You will get many options like slow, fast or medium.
  • Select from the options and hear the voice with your preferred speed level.

Wrapping up

Hope you have learnt about speech output sounds in many ways by which you can optimize according to your interest. Changing character voices in audiobooks is also possible in some of the selective applications.